Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Blue Boat Log!

How does Blue Boat Log work?

The app keeps things as simple as possible: Just hit the "Start" button when you leave the marina and the "Finish" button when you arrive at your destination. Blue Boat Log will upload your route and you will be able to add a description and pictures if you desire.
Once you feel like your post is complete, just hit "Done" and the trip will be added to your Blue Boat Log profile. From there, you can share it with anyone you want.

How do I share my trips?

Every trip that is listed under "My Trips" can be found in your Blue Boat Log profile. You can either send people a link to your trip by clicking "Share" on any trip, or you can send a link to your profile ("Share your Trips" in Profile section).
Keep in mind that as long as a post is a Draft, it is only visible to you and can not be shared.

Why is my trip not added to my total distance?

The Total Distance is calculated based on all trips in your profile, meaning drafts are not included. This is to allow people to verify you actually did the distance stated in your profile.

What happens if we lose cellphone service during the trip?

The app was built with the fact that people might not have non-stop internet connection in mind. It will keep tracking on the device and once you stop the track, it will be stored and you can upload it whenever you are back online.
Give it a try and you'll see!

Why does the app need my location when it is in the background?

This is done to allow recording your trip as good as we can. The permission allows the app to receive GPS data when you switch to other apps during recording, the screen turned off while in use or the app is closed accidentally. It even survives a phone restart.
Apart from the times you are tracking or looking at the map, no GPS data is used. Apple checks apps with background location permissions with extra rigor and on Android, the notification tells you when the app is active.
Also, the track remains on your device until you hit Finish/Upload.

Do you have more questions?

Just send us an email!