November 23rd 2018 • 3 hours

Day Trip

Oriental to Beaufort NC. Left 10:45 am arrived 1:20 pm. Left later than normal due to sail boat infront of us had us blocked in. Had a rough ride across the Neuss river with high winds but as soon as we got into the Adams Creek all was good. A nice slow cruise from that point. Norrow channels with no wake zones. Begining was mostly wild life area with some houses. Then mostly residential. One area had docks infront of RV pads. Very nice. When arrrived at Homer Smiths Docks and Marina wind was 15 -17 mph. A bit tricky maneuvering but no problems. Staying here for 2 nights as winds are supposed to be 35 mph plus tonight and tomorrow. Did not want to be at anchor.

Avg. Speed
Max. Speed